Lidersan Saglik, who won the admiration and loyalty of consumers in diapers and wipes products industry is serving the world market with Confy, Pipero Baby, Babylook, Swiss Baby and Potty Bebe brands and is aiming to be the leader in this sector. Pursuing its principles to produce high quality products to contribute to the happiness of babies and mothers, it offers its products to customers in the best conditions.

With Confy and Potty brand of diapers located in 40 countries each year mainly in the Middle East, Lidersan Saglik continues to serve millions of customers every day with its production quality and capacity in international standards.

With a total of 450 employees consisting of nearly 30 white collars, 20 experienced engineers and over 400 blue collar people, Lidersan Saglik adds value to life.

Lidersan Saglik, along with new investments equipped with the latest technology production plant and machinery and equipment, is among the largest diaper producers in Turkey.

Our Vision

To be one of the major manufacturers putting its signature under the leading brands of the country.

Our Mission

Pursuing the principle of quality, to create a company profile respectful of consumer rights and focused on the happiness of the employees.

Integrated Management System Policy

As Lidersan Sağlık ve Gıda Ürünleri Co.; being an organization that continuously develops by considering the principles and requirements of Quality, Good Manufacturing Practices and Energy Management Systems in all processes, and focuses on its customers and stakeholders;

We declare and undertake to comply with national and international legal regulations and other requirements, and to provide the necessary information and resources through an integrated management system based on continuous improvement.

We undertake to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with our hygiene products that add value to life by using a sustainable model and continuous improvement methods, and To ensure efficient participation of employees, continuous awareness of duty and authority, and To provide the necessary resources to meet the theoretical, practical and physical requirements necessary for Management Systems and Good Manufacturing Practices.

In our products and all our processes, we carry out our activities;
  • By using natural resources and energy efficiently,
  • Performing design activities in line with energy efficient technologies and applications,
  • Providing products and services according to energy efficiency criteria,
  • Raising the awareness of employees and the society on natural resource consumption and energy efficiency.

We work with all our power and strength to become an exemplary organization in our sector by managing all of these activities in an integrated manner with Quality, Good Manufacturing Practices and Energy Management Systems.